MacBooks May Soon Get A Lot Cheaper!


MacBooks are one of the best laptops one can buy in the market but not everyone can afford them. But that may soon change and here is the reason why.

Almost every tech company is jealous of Apple. This is not because Apple has become a “2 Trillion Dollar” company but because of their profit margins. It has been known that Apple has the highest profit margins of all tech companies out there. One some iPhone models the profits can go as high as 60-70%.

MacBook Launch

But if Apple is so great at making profits then why would there be a price cut?

Well, the market dynamics are changing and so is Apple’s strategy. As of now Apple makes most profit from hardware and people are not buying much hardware these days. So the company now wants to make its services as the main money making sheep and the best way to do that is by increasing the number of people who use Apple’s hardware.

Another big reason why Macbooks may get cheaper is Apple’s shifting away from Intel processors.

Affordable MacBook

Till now, Apple used to pay a lot of money to Intel for processors. However, soon Apple will be put putting its own chips in all its Macs. Some estimates say that Apple may save $200-300 per device. At this point, reducing Macbooks’ prices will make the most sense.

The new Macbooks will soon be launching, possibly before the end of the year. We just have to wait till then to see if there will actually be a reduction in prices or not.

What do you think?

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