Kids That Will Make You Feel Old

Heath Ledger

Proper nourishment ensures better development during childhood. You may have heard about that. However, what you may not have heard about is the fact that celeb kids develop twice as fast as the rest of us. Yes, you read that correctly!

Often, we see celeb kids under the limelight and tremendously fail to guess their age. Today, we are going to look at some of these celeb kids who will make you feel like an old person.

Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s Son)

What comes to your mind when you hear about the year 1998? Although we are living in 2020 right now 1998 does not feel that far into the past. Also, this is the year when Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith was born.

He has starred in movies like “After Earth” and “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Being a 22-year guy, he is not a kid anymore. His career is touching new heights every year too. Till now Jaden has launched two rap albums and is moving along in an upward trajectory.

Simone Alexandra Johnson (Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter)

Who doesn’t know “The Rock”. He is “the” star for every kid and wrestling lover. His daughter Simone has already graduated in the year 2019 and is trying modeling jobs.

Simone Alexandra Johnson’s mother is Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife Dany Garcia. Dany herself is a producer.

Being a child of two successful people, what can stop Simone from becoming successful in the field of her choice? Well, we give our best wishes.

Matilda Ledger (Heath Ledger’s Daughter)

Heath Ledger was one of the top-rated actors. His performance in the “The Dark Knight” was well received. The act of JOKER that he performed is regarded as the best one of all time.

Heath was just 28 when he passed away in the year 2008. His daughter, Matilda Ledger, was born in 2005. It has been said that she has features of her father. Due to this, she has got a lot of attention.

We hope that just like Heath’s appearances, Matilda has also got his talents, and someday we will see her performance as well.

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