Batman’s Parents May Be The Reason For Gotham’s Corruption: New Batman Theory

Batman 2021 Movie

Batman fights crime and corruption in Gotham. In every version of his story, Bruce becomes batman due to his parent’s loss. But a new theory has popped up that suggests the actual reason behind all the corruption in Gotham City could be Bruce’s parents themselves.

Batman 2021

This new unheard theory comes from the launch of the Batman 2021 teaser. In the short teaser, Riddler has a lot to say. It is not the Riddler that is interesting but what he says is.

Upcoming Batman Movie Is In The Works

Riddler’s lines hint that all the bad that is happening in the Gotham City is somehow connected to Bruce, which ultimately may be his parents.

Another interesting thing about the new teaser is that the director has said that Bruce will have to figure out a lot of things. It will be journey for him.

Batman Movie

So we have to wait till October of next year when this movie finally gets released. Till now only 25% of the movie has been shot.

What do you think?

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