Apple Will Soon Start Selling Officially In India

Apple To Enter India Online Officially

India is home to 1.2 billion people, second only to China. It is also world’s second largest smartphone market, again second only to China. As other markets have become saturated, the country is regarded as the last frontier of “Smartphone Fight”.

Apple like any other brand also wants a bigger share of the pie. It wants to expand in India but cannot do so because it does not sell any of its product directly. This leads to a hefty important duty that forces the prices of its devices to skyrocket. A $1000 iPhone generally costs about $1500 in the country.

iPhone 12

All that may change very soon. Apple has already said that it is going to launch its online store in India soon which will be followed by physical stores. Due to Covid-19, company’s plans got delayed but a recent rumor suggests that September would be the month when Apple will start selling devices directly in India.

However, it is still a matter of speculation whether the tech giant will reduce the prices of its smartphone or not. Apple is known to knowingly keep its prices at higher side to attract premium buyers. But struggling smartphone sale growth may be the one reason that it needs to lower prices.

Whatever Apple is holding behind the curtains is soon going to be unveiled. So, all Apple fans in India, just sit tight and enjoy the show!

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