ROBOTICS IN INDIA- Future Renovation Technology – A Comprehensive Guide

Robotics Guide

Introduction To Robotics 

A robot is an automatic mechanical device guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry which enables it to perform tasks assigned to it. It is a system that contains sensors, control systems, manipulators, power supplies and software, all of which work together. Robotics is that field of engineering, that deals with the look, construction, operation, and application of robots in mechanical electrical and computer field. Robots are also used for management, sensory feedback, and data process. The robotic technologies touch upon automatic machines that in future will take place of humans in dangerous environments or producing processes. Robots play an important role in industries as they speed up the work process so that output is increasing. Robotic field is so vast that they are very helpful in nuclear science field, making war equipment’s, bio-technology, transmitting signals and more. Robotic engineering is gaining popularity in India day by day just because there is huge demand of peoples in this sector as this is one of the fastest growing sectors of study in India.


Need of Robotics And Why It is Growing So Fast??

Robotics movement has begun within the previous few years. We can see that not only the cost of artificial intelligence hardware coming down, also sensors and other devices are a lot easier to seek out and interface with. Now a massive support community for robotics is there and may people are out there with robotics skills currently and still growing. Moreover, it’s lot easier currently to line up tiny networks within the buildings, as communication and cellular communication prices are dropping down. This is going to be result in a lot of prospects for lots of information. Batteries and solar cells have gotten cheaper and performance in increasing by this technology. By robotics it will be easier to get electricity in remote locations, and also each device will last longer and have a lot of options, such as smart phones.

With robotic technology, better low cost sensors and applications are developing like self-driving cars and aircrafts with self-piloting system.


There are vast opportunities to boost and replace human management and decision-making, particularly wherever safety and lives are at stake. The requirement for robotic in automation is big and human labour is usually what we compete always. The transition toward automobile sector has been occurring for years as robots in auto factories are huge in demand and also working there too. However, the price of hardware is dropping down and the capabilities of programmers is rising meaning a lot of opportunities in it. Robotics can increase the productivity of individuals, means a rapid increase in terms of the extra opportunities like with computers over the past few decades.


Work In Robotic Field

Robotic engineers mainly design robots and develop new applications to make them function in various industries. In industries they are in used for speeding up the production and manufacturing process. Robots are used in the field where work conditions are hazardous and for the work that seems impossible for humans. Robots are mainly used these days in the field of sea exploration, designing bio-medical equipment’s, space ships, manipulative industrial units, atomic and mines plants, etc. they are many more fields also where these robots are in demand and can do the work more effectively.


Scope And Career In Robotics

  • Scope Of Robotics

Robotic engineering is one of the government recognised professional course in India. There are vast opportunities for a robotic engineer in India as well as in foreign countries. A student doing his graduation in engineering stream needs a master degree in this field, after that he/she can find employment in various government or private organisations. A degree in robotics makes a student fully capable in this field of digital electronics and micro processing. It trains and educate the student in the field of computer-aided manufacturing, computer geometry, integrated system management. Today robotics is an essential part of every modern manufacturing industry. As the industries are increasing, scope for robotics is also increasing. Robots are mainly used handling hazardous materials like nuclear waste and for carrying materials like heavy parts to and from inconvenient locations. There are various other fields where scope of robotic engineer is high-

  1. Banking- Banking sectors are now heavily demanding robotics engineers for organisation operations, managing properties, stocks and investments.


  1. Investigation- Artificial intelligence is highly in demand in investigating agencies and police departments in India. They are used are detecting bombs and defusing them.

        3.Space Research- Space organisations like NASA and ISRO heavily demand for robotic engineers and make best use of them in different field of technology.


  1. Entertainment- Gaming industries are making best use of robotic engineering by launching exciting features in games with the help of robotics.


  1. Medicine– In medical field with the help of robots there is a plenty of jobs is opened for research work.


   * Career In Robotics

One can expect jobs at manufacturing industries, NASA, private industries, automobiles, appliance and industrial tools. Students who study robotics technologies at a college or technical school are prepared for careers in robot technology, computer controlled machine programming, robotic sales and more. Robotic field includes designing, maintenance, programming of hardware and software in various fields like army, transportation, maintenance, etc. By considering all these aspects, we can say they there are number of opportunities and multiple career options available in the field of robotics. Candidates must have master degree like M.E/ in robotics from a recognised Indian university or from foreign university.

Job roles:

  • Robotic Scientist
  • Robotic Technician
  • Robotic Engineer

Qualification Required For Robotics

To make career in robotics field, after 12th a person needs 4 years engineering graduate degree like B.E/ from a recognised university in mechanical or electrical or computer field. It is a inter-disciplinary course in India. For engineering graduate degree from a recognised government institute the candidate needs to pass the IIT-JEE (joint entrance examination). After passing this exam a person can take admission in government institute and then after passing 4year degree, the person needs master degree from robotics engineering. The duration of the master degree is 2 years from any government recognised institute.

List Of Course-

There are various courses in the field of robotics that a student can choose according to his or her interest. Still here is the list of some courses from robotics field.

Bachelor Degree-

  • Bachelor of Technology in Robotics
  • Bachelor of Technology in Advanced Robotics
  • Bachelor of Robotics in Robotic Engineering

Master Degree-


  • Master of Technology in Automation & Robotics
  • Master of Engineering in Robotic Engineering
  • Master of Technology in Robotic Engineering


Best Institutes For Robotic Engineering

Universities For Robotics course in India:

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani


Universities in abroad offering Robotics course:

University of Liverpool

University of Pennsylvania

University of Western Sydney

University of Georgia

Purdue University


Job Opportunities And Salary In Robotics

A professional with master degree in robotics can easily get jobs in various technical sectors in India or abroad. Jobs for research engineers is also available for robotic engineers in various Indian institute of technology. Employment opportunities are also available for robotic engineers in companies like intel for microchip manufacturing. Moreover, various companies hire them for maintaining, programming and troubleshooting robots.

Robotic jobs offer top salaries to the employees in India, as the demand is very high and availability is very low. It is one of the most promising and rewarding. The income of a robotic engineer basically depends upon the experience of the person and organisation in which the person is working. The basic salary of a robotic engineer starts from 5-6 lakhs per annum and other benefits like medical benefits, insurance, holidays and retirement plan are included.

Some Specialised Jobs Sectors In Robotics

There are some specialised field of robotics where Robotic engineers are specially in demand-

  • Robert Motion Planning
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Micro-robotics
  • Bio-Cybernetics
  • Robotics engineers are employed by robot users and manufacturer.
  • Professionals can opt for teaching in colleges or universities.
  • In gaming industry.
  • Space laboratories.






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